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Shelby 4 Pack - Shelford Girls' Year 5

Shelby 4 Pack - Shelford Girls' Year 5

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Green Marine is the business changing the world for the better. Sea turtles are dying every day due to plastic. Did you know, it only takes four plastic bottle lids to kill one sea turtle? It messes with their internal floatation regulation, making them unable to dive down and catch their food. They soon die of starvation.  

Our ornaments are created with eight plastic bottle lids, that is saving two sea turtles. Our business is not for profit. All of our profit goes to the Magnetic Island Network Turtle charity, saving as many sea turtles as we can. Will you be kind and save our sea turtles and ecosystems? Each ornament is unique, made from all different colour plastic bottle lids, so the ornament you own is one of a kind. How special is that? All our products are made by Zero Plastics Australia and made with 100% recycled plastic.

4 X Shelby Sea Turtle Ornaments

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