Pay It 4ward

At First Pivot, we believe in the power of entrepreneurial education and the impact it can have on shaping young minds. This holiday season, we are thrilled to unveil our latest initiative: Pay It 4ward Coffee – a blend that not only awakens your senses but also fuels the dreams of budding entrepreneurs in schools across Australia!

Terrific Tee's

We are a group of 5/6 students who are learning about entrepreneurship by being entrepreneurs.

Watch This Space!


Phantom Samurai

We are a team of anime loving friends that started a business making clothing and manga.

We are the Phantom Samurai.

Buy our t-shirts HERE!

Thank You!

JaZara Jewelry

Jazara Jewles is a student entrepreneurs business.
We create handmade, colorful bracelets and earrings. Every item is unique.

Very strong for very long!


JaZara Jewlery

Totally cool ornaments!


Wear the fun!

We are a group student entrepreneurs and we are learning about entrepreneurship by being entrepreneurs.



Victory starts here. Perform with Pro-Clo.

We are Astin and Matthew, Co-Founders of Pro-Clo. We are both keen sportspeople who were challenged to find high quality sportwear.

This is why we began Pro-Clo, to fill this gap in the market and to help others on their professional sport journey.

THANK YOU for supporting our student entrepreneurs!

When checking out, please include your Student's NAME and Year Level in the Billing section under COMPANY Name. This will help our student entrepreneurs sort your order. : )